We are all connected.

Today, our world is more connected than ever by things like social media, text and chat. Yet with all this digital connection, we lose human contact—seeing words and images on a screen instead of the people behind them. We consume faster, compare ourselves to other people’s “highlight reels” and become increasingly detached from the physical world around us. This makes us more isolated and disconnected from each other.

That’s why Distress Centre exists.

We want to take advantage of technology and use it to connect people with people. We want those who feel isolated, anxious or just in need of support to use their devices to connect with actual people on the other end. People who will care, who will listen without judgment, and who will help them feel accepted.

Tiffany Anderson

Ever go down the rabbit hole of social media and end up feeling worse? Scrolling for inspiration, only to find yourself feeling inadequate? We’ve been there too. And that’s why we’re here to talk.


Gavin McWilliams

Have you ever felt scared to go home? For times like these, and so many more, we have been there. Whether you just need to talk or need to find a safe place to go — we can help.


Ted Janson

Have you ever found yourself looking at photos of your ex, and felt like having a drink or two (or ten) to forget about it? Remember our number is never hard to find.


Maddie Smith

You know that feeling of just wanting to escape? From social media, your family… everything? We get it. Which is why we’re here to talk. Call, email or text. Anytime. Any hour.